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Calls to our Helpline from landlines or mobile cost the same as to an 01 or an 02 number and will generally be included in any discount schemes or inclusive call minutes. For more info, please see
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A Day in the Life of a VSS Volunteer

There are many different volunteering roles at Victim Support Scotland.

Here’s an idea of what your day might look like if you join our team.

A Day as a Community Volunteer

a day in the life (image: Volunteer Jan Sutton)

Do you wish to dedicate a few hours a week to helping victims of crime?

As a volunteer with Victim Support, you will enjoy a varied, challenging and rewarding role helping victims to get their lives back on track.

In victims' homes, in our offices located across Scotland or in 3rd party venues such as GP surgeries or perhaps in telephone consultations, you will be helping people to rebuild their lives after crime.

Jan Sutton volunteers to support people affected by crime in her community:

"Typical day starts at 9.00 am – arrive at office and put the kettle on.

10.00 Telephone calls to victims of crime, ranging from victims of neighbour disputes to the victims of assault, robbery, fraud.

11.30 Out of the office to do a home visit with a volunteer colleague. Mrs S has been the victim of anti-social behaviour by local youths. This visit aims to offer emotional support and to encourage Mrs S to complete a “diary sheet” of incidents as they occur.

12.30 Back to office and catch up with staff and volunteers.

1.30  Visit to GP surgery to see a victim of domestic assault. This lady is quite traumatised and needs emotional support to appear in court and information about what is expected when she attends court.

3.00 Back to office to let staff know how the visit went and for a last cup of tea before heading home."

Be a member of our well-trained and dedicated team of volunteers. Be supported by staff members. Be pivotal in the recovery of people affected by crime. Be part of Victim Support Scotland.

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