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VSS Launches New Impact Report

VSS Impact Report 2015-2016

Impact Report 2015 /16 CoverWith the launch of our new Impact Report we are proud to show you how VSS has made a difference to the lives of people in Scotland during 2015/16 by helping them to survive crime and make them stronger.

VSS is a national charity that relies on fundraising and grants to support people affected by crime across Scotland. Our services are free, confidential and independent of Criminal Justice bodies such as the police, the Crown Office and the courts.  We provide support covering all 32 local authority areas in Scotland across local communities and in every Sheriff and High Court.

Why are we measuring our impact?

The psychological, physical, social and financial impact of crime on individuals can be immense and this in turn affects our society and our economy.

Measuring the impact our services have on the people of Scotland helps us to inform partners and funders about the value of our work to them and the general public.

During 2015/16 we began to improve how we evidence the difference we make to peoples’ lives. We defined four outcomes which we are measuring. These are:

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced isolation
  • Feeling informed

We will see the results of this work during 2016/17.

How we measure our impact.

VSS was the first Victim Support agency across Europe to develop a tool for assessing the needs of individual victims of crime. We use this in our everyday work and it enables us to develop tailored support plans to meet our service users’ needs.

We work with individuals and their families and where required will provide advocacy which includes working alongside other partners within and outwith the criminal justice system to help victims and witnesses.

Our goal is to help people to survive crime by making them stronger. To do this we need to assess where they are at the start of their experience and track their journey towards feeling stronger, more resilient and more confident.

How will we communicate our impact?

We are improving how we share and communicate our impact and this year is the start of our new approach. Whilst next year we will be ready to share our outcome data, this year we are providing real life examples from some of the people we have helped.

Please have a look and see what we have done so far

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