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Victims Need Volunteers -Volunteers’ Week

Victims Need Volunteers Campaign

Crime statistics don’t tell the whole story when it comes to the experience of victims of crime.  Official figures show that 1 in 7 people in Scotland is a victim of crime each year, but behind the numbers are real people, real crimes and real victims.

Each year there are nearly 750,000 victims of crime who need support to help them through their experience and,  to be able to do that  Victim Support Scotland needs volunteers from across Scotland.

VSS is joining National Volunteer Week with a new campaign. We want to recruit 70 new people to join our team of 600 skilled, trained volunteers.   Volunteers who support people affected by any crime, whether it is reported to the police or not.

The stories of the people supported by Victim Support Scotland show the impact on physical & mental health, well-being, relationships, work, family, finances and the knock on effect on family, friends and communities.   All volunteers make a difference to real people affected by crime and many do so by providing emotional and practical support and information.

“I finally feel more positive about life and am beginning to deal with the events of the past and the effects it has had on me.  I am extremely relieved to know that Victim Support Scotland are there for me throughout.  I cannot express my gratitude to all the staff and volunteers for what is an invaluable service”
Ben, Victim of Crime

Volunteers with Victim Support Scotland develop their skills and knowledge while making a real difference to people in their community.

“I have gained a lot from volunteering and enjoy my time in the office as all the staff and other volunteers are good to work with and happy to explain anything I’m unsure about.    My confidence in myself has improved too and I’ve enjoyed meeting new people. The training provided by VSS was very wide ranging and helped me see things from different angles.” 
Pam, Victim Support Scotland volunteer.

Anyone can be affected by crime, anyone can apply to be a volunteer with Victim Support Scotland.

If people do not feel able to directly support victims or witnesses to crime there are also plenty of other ways people can help. Skills in graphic design, fundraising, governance are just some of what VSS is looking for.

“Volunteers are vital to supporting people affected by crime, without them we simply could not help those who need our services. Our volunteers come from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of skills. We always welcome and encourage people to call  and have a chat with us about how their skills may be able to help VSS.  Volunteers are  supported and provided with training to deliver the challenging but rewarding roles we have available.
Susan Gallagher, Victim Support Scotland Acting CEO

Find out more about volunteering opportunities and our Volunteers’ Week events.

Real people, real crimes, real victims – supported by real people like you.

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