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Consultation Responses

Consultation Responses 2018

The following reflects the formal written responses we have provided so far in 2018.

4th January 2018 Survey on Violence Reduction Scottish Public Health Network
8th January 2018 Remand in Scotland Justice Committee
12th January 2018 Adjustments to Criminal Finances Act 2017 UK Parliament
19th January 2018 Call for Evidence on the Historical Sexual Offences (Pardons and Disregards) (Scotland) Bill Equality and Human Rights Committee
25th January 2018 Statement on Police Scotland – Contact and Control Police Scotland
1st February 2018 Civil Actions for Damages Justice Committee
2nd February 2018 Police Scotland – Annual Plan Police Scotland
5th March 2018 Role of Alcohol in Offending NHS Grampian
19th March 2018 Parole Board Scotland – Draft Corporate Plan Parole Board Scotland
19th March 2018 Consultation on the Protection of Workers Bill Member of Scottish Parliament – Proposal for a Member’s Bill
23rd March 2018 Innovation and Training Plan Community Justice Scotland
16th April 2018 Suicide Prevention Plan Scottish Government
16th April 2018 Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill Scottish Government
20th April 2018 Management of Offenders Bill Scottish Government
30th April 2018 Social Isolation Scottish Government
20th August 2018 Children and Vulnerable Witnesses Bill Scottish Government
20th August 2018 Supporting Disabled Children and their Families Resource Scottish Government
29 August 2019 Improving forensic medical services for victims of rape and sexual assault Scottish Government


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