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Fostering a Victim Centred Approach to Hate Crime in Scotland

Hate crimes are pernicious because they attack a person’s core identity, while also negatively impacting on the victim’s wider community and weakening social cohesion. However, most of the policy and research relating to hate crime focuses on the perpetrators and the criminal justice response. Whilst this is valuable work, Victim Support Scotland (VSS) is primarily concerned with how we can foster a victim centred approach to understanding and addressing hate crime in all its forms, and our vision is to ensure victims are kept at the forefront of all discussions.

Victim Support Scotland has produced this report to coincide with the independent review of hate crime legislation, which is currently being conducted by The Right Honourable Lord Bracadale. This process aims to ensure the suite of laws covering hate crime offences in Scotland is fit for purpose and provides the most effective approach to deal with the issue.

Report: Fostering A Victim Centred Approach to Hate Crime in Scotland

This report was launched at our recent hate crime conference, which featured a number of prominent speakers including Lord Bracadale himself.  You can read more about the conference here and slides from the presentations can be downloaded here.

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