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What Do We Do?

In summary, Victim Support Scotland supports and campaigns on behalf of victims and witnesses of crime in Scotland.

Supporting Victims and Witnesses of Crime

Victim Support Scotland provides support and information services to victims and witnesses of crime in Scotland. We support 200,000 people affected by crime each year. This support is provided by staff and volunteers in national and local offices and court-based services across Scotland.

We are an independent charity and not part of the Police Scotland or Scottish Courts. All conversations with victims and witnesses are confidential and are not shared with people outside of Victim Support Scotland.

Our service is completely free.

Find out more about our Support for Victims and Support for Witnesses.

If you need our help, call our Helpline now on 0345 603 9213.

VSS supports and campaigns (image: man and woman in court)

Campaigning for Victims and Witnesses of Crime

Our daily contact with victims and witnesses of crime gives us a unique insight into the issues that they face. We campaign to ensure that the criminal justice system in Scotland takes full account of the needs of victims and witnesses of crime.

You can learn more about the topics that concern us in the VSS Manifesto.

VSS supports and campaigns (image: Girl sitting on steps looking worried)



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