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Our Achievements

At Victim Support Scotland, we work tirelessly to support people affected by crime, and to improve the experiences of victims and witnesses in Scotland.  See below for some of our achievements.

Our Achievements over 30 Years

Achievements: 30th Anniversary Service held in Glasgow Cathedral

In 2015, Victim Support Scotland celebrated 30 years of supporting people affected by crime in Scotland. That’s 30 years of campaigning for their rights and 30 years of providing support to them.

Changes to Legislation and Practice

In 2013, the Victims & Witnesses (Scotland) Bill was passed unanimously by the Scottish Parliament on December 12, 2013, bringing about the most important legislative reform in the treatment of victims and witnesses for a generation, now enacted as the Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2014.

In 2015, the Scottish Sentencing Council was established, and includes a representative with knowledge of the issues faced by victims of crime.



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