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Our Campaign

This year during Victims Awareness Month in February we are challenging everyone in the organisation to walk, run, cycle or swim a mile to raise awareness of victims and witnesses of crime. We’re doing this to raise vital funds to enable us to do more work to support victims and witnesses of crime.

This campaign has been designed around the well known saying ‘you can’t understand someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes’ because this quote rings very true for victims and witnesses of crime. Victim Support Scotland is in a unique position where we can confidently walk a mile in the shoes of victims and witnesses of crime and raise awareness of the issues faced by them on a daily basis.

This type of campaign is not unique, many charities have adopted similar approaches over the years, the difference is that we are looking to collectively cover 1,000 miles during February in an attempt to virtually walk, run, cycle, swim the distance between all our office locations from Shetland to Stranraer.

Key Facts About The Impact of Crime

Key facts about crime from the Scottish Crime & Justice Survey 2014/2015:

  • There were an estimated 688,00 crimes committed against adults in 2014/2015 this is a 16% decrease from 2012/2013
  • 14.5% of people were victims of crime, around 1 in 7
  • 73% of crimes are property crimes
  • In 5% of property crime the offender is well known to the victim
  • 27% of crimes are violent crimes
  • In 37% of violent crimes the offender is well known to the victim
  • 30%, or 3 in 10 of violent crimes happen to victims who have already experienced violent crimes - repeat victims. On average repeat victims suffer 3 violent crimes a year.
  • The risk of being a victim of crime decreases with age, 20.4% or one fifth of 16-24 year olds were at risk of being a victim of crime compared with a 6.8% risk for those aged over 60

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