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Supporting VSS on Social Media

How Can Your Support on Social Media Spread the Word?

The aim of our campaign is to spread the word so that everyone in Scotland knows that Victim Support Scotland can support them if they are affected by crime. We can all help by talking to people and going along to events… but your support on Social Media offers the opportunity to tell lots of people at once and really get our message heard.

Around 3 million people in Scotland use Social Media!  Help to spread the word by being an online ambassador for Victim Support Scotland.

Top Tips…


  1. “Like” our page, and select “see first” to always see our postHow to Like Our Page on Facebook
  2. “Share” our posts on your own timeline. Check the post once you have shared it and add a comment if it needs one (using edit)How To Share Our Post On Facebook
  3. Post information on your timeline about events you are involved in or links to interesting parts of our websiteAdd Your Own Posts To Facebook
  4. “Like” and “Comment” on our posts and post your own photos of VSS events on our pageLike and Comment on our Facebook Posts


  1. Follow @VSScotland
  2. Retweet our Tweets
  3. Use the campaign hashtags #SpreadTheWord and #SurvivingCrime in your tweets
  4. Tweet about @VSScotland, and include photos of our events

Example Tweets:

@VSScotland are Here for People Affected by Crime.  Please RT to #SpreadTheWord #Surviving Crime

1 in 6 people in Scotland is a Victim of Crime each year.  #SpreadTheWord that @VSS is Here for Them.

Come along & meet the @VSScotland team @bonaccordcentre in Aberdeen 22-28 Feb  See our video on the big screen next to Costa

Thunderclap & General Support

  1. Encourage friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances to like, share, retweet!
  2. Does your MSP, local Councillor or local celebrity use Social Media?   Send them a message, mention them in your tweet or post on their Facebook page asking for support.
  3. Join our Thunderclap, and encourage everyone you know to join in too!

Five Things To Remember

  1. When you are talking about VSS, don’t do or say anything that could reflect negatively on our work or you
  2. Remember that anything you say online could become more public than you originally intended (as other people may share it)
  3. Always make it clear that views are your personal views (not those of VSS)
  4. Only share information about Victim Support Scotland that is public (eg. if it’s on our website or we post it on social media)
  5. Use the same guidelines as you would when talking about VSS in public

Social Media Safety

Always be safe online – for information on Social Media safety see

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