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Raising funds for VSS – Edinburgh Half Marathon

Posted on
Laura volunteers with us in Fife and has entered the Edinburgh Half Marathon 2019. She writes about why she became a volunteer and why she is raising money for victim and witness support services. I am currently a volunteer with Victim Support Scotland (VSS) in the Fife office. I have been volunteering with the victim... Read more »

Running to raise money for VSS

Posted on
Rosie volunteered with us a few years ago and is now running to raise money for our victim support services. She writes about why this is an important cause and why she’s fundraising for us.  I’m running to raise money for Victim Support Scotland (VSS), a charity I’ve volunteered with for a few years in... Read more »

Discover your rights as a victim or witness

Posted on
On the European Day for the Victims of Crime Linsay Scullion, Learning & Development Officer, writes about the importance of knowing your rights as someone affected by crime. The Scottish criminal justice system can be quite confusing for people who are suddenly the victim of a crime. In fact, in the Scottish Crime and Justice... Read more »

Feeling understood helped me find courage

Posted on
Diane writes about the impact of domestic violence on her life and how feeling understood and supported allowed her to find the courage to give evidence at trial.  I was the victim of a serious domestic violence assault. The police wanted to take the case to trial, but I was very nervous. The police put... Read more »

Taking back control with VSS support

Posted on
As part of Victims Week 2019, Amber writes about the impact of a crime committed against her when she was a child and how she took back control of her life. I am a survivor of historic sexual abuse committed by a family friend when I was a child. In 2017 I reported the crime... Read more »

Regaining peace of mind with VSS support

Posted on
Ann was a victim of sexual offences committed by her ex-husband. When the case went to court, Ann was called as a witness. She was extremely nervous that her ex-husband would see her in court and intimidate her. He had been to court before for similar crimes, but had not been charged. Ann was afraid... Read more »

Regaining confidence with VSS support

Posted on
Charlotte was a victim of a domestic violence attack, suffering life-changing injuries which have resulted in her requiring a wheel chair from now on. The police officer investigating the incident referred her to Victim Support Scotland (VSS) for support to deal with the impact of the crime. Charlotte was terrified of her ex-partner. She worried... Read more »

Volunteering as a VSS Trustee

Posted on
This Trustees’ Week, Liz Taylor talks about why she joined the VSS Board and what it means to her. I’ve been a Victim Support Scotland trustee since 2012. My time on the Board has been rewarding, challenging, interesting, and sometimes even surprising. Why Victim Support Scotland? I initially decided to volunteer to become more involved... Read more »

I’m listening…

Posted on
Fiona Thomson, VSS service manager for Edinburgh & Lothians, describes homeless women’s experiences of crime and how she is developing a partnership with Social Bite to reach more homeless people and provide a service tailored to their needs. In February this year I met two gentlemen delivering lunch from Social Bite to our office for... Read more »

Support after a bank transfer scam

Posted on
Victim Support Renfrewshire has been supporting someone affected by fraud. She writes about her experiences below, including how dealing with the crime can be overwhelming and how important it is not to blame yourself. I was the victim of a bank transfer scam and lost £5000. How easily it happened I received a phone call... Read more »
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