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CPD Accredited Training with VSS

Michael Salkow, Learning & Development Manager, describes how the training programme evolved to benefit anyone who might come into contact with a victim of crime.

62% of crime in Scotland goes unreported.

Why don’t people report crime, how does crime impact people and how can we better support them?

These are questions explored and answered in the range of training courses that my team and I provide.

Our Impact of Crime, Domestic Abuse, Victims of Sexual Crime and Hate Crime training provides an understanding of how people’s lives are affected by crime, why they might choose not to report it and what happens if they do report a crime to the police.

Last year my team and I delivered training courses to over 1200 participants covering the impact of crime, the challenges when dealing with the criminal justice system, the communication skills required to effectively engage with people affected by crime and much more.

I’m committed to supporting and assisting people to continually develop their knowledge and skills in the best ways possible. In fact, when I first took up the post of Learning & Development Manager I began the process of accrediting our training courses with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certification service.

CPD accreditation provides participants with official recognition for their training and development. It has transformed attitudes and encouraged a passion for learning at VSS, which is reflected in my courses.

Once our courses were CPD accredited, I began expanding our course portfolio and the demand for our high-quality training took off! We now design bespoke courses for a variety of organisations who meet people affected by crime and we also run specific courses which are open for anyone to attend.

These courses develop participants’ knowledge and skills to treat people affected by crime with increased understanding, to support people to deal with complex emotions, and to help them to reintegrate back into their relationships and their wider community.

Training is a valuable part of our toolkit to better support both strangers and loved ones affected by crime. Whether we are helping people to overcome the impact of crime and/or to report it, only by increasing our knowledge and experience can we, as a society, better tackle crime in all its forms.

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