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Why Does Victim Support Scotland Need To Fundraise?

funding (image: Trainers)Victim Support Scotland receives a range of funding, including grants from the Scottish Government and Local Authorities which underpins our ability to deliver services. However, as an independent charity, we value our ability to represent the interests of victims and witnesses of crime without external influence.

In addition, demand for our services continues to grow and we want to expand the kinds of services we’re able to offer. Without our own fundraising efforts, we could not meet that demand or develop our services as we identify new requirements.

Did you know?

  • £50 per month could train one volunteer who'd support many people affected by crime (we train 200 volunteers each year)
  • £20 per month could help provide ongoing support to families bereaved by a violent crime
  • £10 per month could assist us in giving support to a child witness throughout a trial
  • £25 enables a trained volunteer to provide one-to-one help to a victim of crime
  • £10 answers another call to the Victim Support Scotland Helpline
  • £5 could help fund leaflets that give key information to victims and witnesses

We spend your money wisely. For every £1 that is donated to Victim Support Scotland, 95p goes towards the support of victims of crime, 4p contributes towards our administration costs and 1p supports our continuing fundraising activity.

You can set up your own fundraising page via Just Giving

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