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What Do Our Volunteers Do?

volunteering roles (image: Smiling woman)There are many varied volunteering roles with Victim Support Scotland, from front-line to administration to fundraising, and more.

The majority of our volunteers directly support people affected by crime in our Victim Service and Witness Service. But our volunteering opportunities are far from limited to these, and we aim to offer volunteering options to fit the skills and experiences of anyone interested in supporting our organisation. Find out more about the different volunteering roles with us below.

Victim Service Volunteers

Volunteers in the Victim Service will make personal contact with people who have been victims of Couple at laptopcrime. Contact can be by telephone or at pre-arranged face to face visits in the victim's home or in one of Victim Support Scotland's offices.

The purpose of this contact may be to make an initial assessment of the victim's needs and to report that back to the appropriate person within Victim Support Scotland.  Following the initial assessment, volunteers will provide support tailored to the person and their on-going needs. For example this may include providing emotional and practical support and/or information about the criminal justice system.

We ask our volunteers to work as flexibly as possible when supporting people affected by crime and this could mean working across both the victim and witness services as time commitments allow.

Victim Service Volunteer Role Description

Witness Service Volunteers

Volunteers in the Witness Service support witnesses attending court in criminal trials. Witnesses who are identified as ‘vulnerable' will be referred to the Witness Service in advance and volunteers will arrange to meet them to give information, carry out Pre-Trial Court Familiarisation visits and answer any questions the person might have.   Court Familiarisation visits give witnesses an opportunity, before a trial, to see around an empty courtroom and familiarise themselves with the court layout and environment.

Victim support in court waiting roomVolunteers will also introduce themselves to witnesses in witness waiting areas on the day of trial, providing support and court familiarisation work, such as illustrating the layout of the courtroom through the use of photographs or diagrams.

Volunteers may support vulnerable witnesses in court, in the CCTV room or at a remote site while they are giving their evidence.

We ask our volunteers to work as flexibly as possible when supporting people affected by crime and this could mean working across both the victim and witness services as time commitments allow.

Child providing video evidence with supporter

Witness Service Volunteer Role Description

Administration Volunteers

Victim Support Scotland needs volunteers to help with administrative and other office work, such as photocopying, mailing and reception duties. In some cases, we also ask volunteers to put information about victims and witnesses on to our computer systems, always working in a confidential manner and adhering to Data Protection laws.

Smiling woman filling in form

Admin Volunteer Role Description

Fundraising Volunteers

Victim Support Scotland welcomes volunteers who want to help raise funds for our work, whether through a one-off fundraising event or an ongoing commitment. We also rely on volunteers to organise stalls at local gala days and fetes and to provide a Victim Support Scotland presence at other community events.

Woman with high - viz jacket with fundraising message

Specialist Volunteers

Woman leaning on deskVictim Support Scotland welcomes volunteers with specialist knowledge or professional skills that they want to use to support victims and witnesses of crime or other areas of our work. We are grateful to those that are willing to donate a few hours of their professional skills every month.


Trustees have the ultimate responsibility for running Victim Support Scotland, including its property, finances and the employment of staff and volunteers. Visit the Becoming a Trustee area of our website to find out more.Woman in park

Helpline Volunteers

Woman holding phone

Our helpline volunteers provide practical and emotional support and information about the Criminal Justice System to victims, witnesses and their families over the telephone.  They then refer callers on to local teams or other relevant agencies.

Helpline Volunteer Role Description

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