Helpline (costs)
0345 603 9213
Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm
Calls to our Helpline from landlines or mobile cost the same as to an 01 or an 02 number and will generally be included in any discount schemes or inclusive call minutes. For more info, please see
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Help for Young Victims of Crime

If you’re a young person affected by crime, or the parent or guardian of a young person affected by crime, we’re here for you.young person affected by crime (image: Victim Support Scotland - May 2015 - © Julie Broadfoot -

Is It a Crime?

It’s not always obvious to a young person that a crime has been or is being committed. You might be experiencing some form of unwanted attention, verbal or physical abuse, cyber bullying (using things like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter) or something else that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you’re worried, you can speak to us by calling the Helpline on 0345 603 9213.

young person affected by crime (image: Young Woman with Laptop)

Who Can We Support?

There are some rules about the ages of young people who we can support:

  • If you’re under 12 and need to speak to someone, we can provide support to your parent or guardian to help them support you.   If you need support, we suggest calling Childline on 0800 11 11.
  • If you’re 12 or over, you’re entitled to use our services with or without a parent or guardian being present. You can find out more about our services for victims and witnesses by using the links.
young person affected by crime (image: Boy)


You might find the site You & Co useful.  This site focuses on the English justice system, which is different to the system in Scotland, but it has excellent general information.  It has been produced by Victim Support England and Wales’ Youth Program.

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