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Help for Young Witnesses of Crime

Young Witness of Crime (image: Girls looking at phone)If you’re a young person affected by crime, or the parent or guardian of a young person affected by crime, we’re here for you.  Our victim service pages contain general information about our Help For Young Victims of Crime. Here we describe how we can help if you are a young witness of crime.

Going to Court

For young people aged 18 and under you are entitled to special measures in court.   Special measures fall into two categories: Special Measures and Standard Special Measures.

Standard Special Measures include –
  • A live TV link
  • A screen
  • A supporter

One or more of these measures will be put in place for you automatically.  You do not need to ask for this to happen.

Special Measures include –
  • Giving evidence in chief in the form of a prior statement
  • Taking evidence by commissioner
  • A closed court

These measures are not automatic and will need Victim Information and Advice to discuss these measures with you, before an application can be made to court for approval

For more information on special measures in court please contact Victim information and Advice or contact Witness Support in your local area.

Who We Can Support

There are some rules about the ages of young people who we can support without the involvement of a parent or guardian:Young Witness of Crime (image: Boy with tablet computer)

  • If you’re under 12 and need to speak to someone, call us. We can’t give you support without a parent or
    guardian being present, but we can talk to you about how we can involve them. And if you don’t want to involve a parent or guardian, we can let you know about other people who will be able to help you.
  • If you’re 12 or over, you’re entitled to use our services with or without a parent or guardian being present. You can find out more about our services for victims and witnesses by using the links.

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