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Regaining peace of mind with VSS support

Ann was a victim of sexual offences committed by her ex-husband. When the case went to court, Ann was called as a witness. She was extremely nervous that her ex-husband would see her in court and intimidate her. He had been to court before for similar crimes, but had not been charged. Ann was afraid he would get away with it again and the repercussions that would have on her. The enormity of what he’d done to her had affected her life so negatively that she struggled to find the courage to speak out.

The VSS team went through the court process with Ann, letting her know what to expect and employing various calming techniques. A trained VSS volunteer sat with her in court, providing silent support while she gave her evidence. Once Ann had given evidence, we had a coffee with her and comforted her through her realisation that she had achieved what she’d set out to do despite her fear.

Ann lived in fear despite knowing her ex-husband was remanded in prison while the trial took place. We helped her to feel more secure in her home and provided her with a persona l security alarm.

Ann’s evidence lasted two days. She broke down whilst giving her evidence many times but found the strength to carry on. She says:

“If you weren’t here with me I could not have done this. I really could not have done it without your support because I was so scared of him. You helped me be strong and get through this horrible experience. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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